Friday, July 6, 2012

Herbal Treatment For Cat Health Complaints - How Do I Get the Best Results?

Herbal Treatment For Cat Health Complaints - How Do I Get the Best Results?Many enlightened cat owners look to herbal treatment for cat health complaints. They are also using herbal treatments to keep their cat fit and healthy so that it can avoid getting these health complaints in the first place. This article examines how you can get the most out of herbal treatment for cat health.

1. Holistic approach to cat health

You need to look at all aspects of your cat's health and not just one complaint in isolation. If your cat is stressed out, eating badly and not getting any exercise, then it is more likely to get sick. Happy, active cats with good diets are far less likely to get sick.

2. Herbal treatments work best on healthy cats

Following on from the point above, if your cat is in fine condition, the herbal treatments that you give him or her will be of much greater benefit. You are helping your cat's own immune system fight back. If this was strong beforehand, then the fightback is going to be all the more pronounced.

3. Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is where herbal treatments are really at their most effective. Keeping your cat healthy keeps him or her away from illnesses and health complaints. You need to plan ahead and think about how you are going to keep kitty healthy, all year round. Pet fleas? Pet constipation? Pet diarrhea? Parasites? Stress? What is your approach to tackling these eventualities?

4. Keep to regular dosing

When your cat is taking herbal supplements it's vital that you keep the dosing regular. It takes a little while for herbal treatments to take effect, so don't expect immediate results. Depending on the goal, it can take a few days or weeks for the benefits to be realised.

5. Don't be afraid to use the vet in case of emergencies

You cannot rely on herbal treatments for absolutely every single potential health problem that your cat might endure. There is a time for herbal treatment for cat health and there is a time for taking kitty to the vet. One does not exclude the other, so use your common sense to pick the appropriate course of action.

I hope that these hints help you get the most out of herbal treatment for cat health. It's important to ensure that you have a proactive approach to keeping kitty healthy. For example, do you have a plan for how you are going to avoid her getting fleas? What are you doing to ensure her digestive health? A healthy cat is a happy cat.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Herbal Treatment For Pets - When Should I Treat Pet Problems at Home?

Herbal Treatment For Pets - When Should I Treat Pet Problems at Home?Herbal medicine has existed for thousands of years and can be traced through many different cultures. It has helped to heal countless numbers of people throughout the ages. Today, herbal medicine still has much to teach us. This article examines herbal treatments for pets and their place in modern animal health care.

Modern veterinary science pushes the benefits of vaccination and medication for many illnesses. But the vaccination and medication approach has largely failed our animals. Our pets are no more protected from disease and illness than they used to be.

Herbal treatments for pets, like homeopathy are marginalized because of "lack of scientific proof". But this is caused by a Catch-22 situation. I'll explain what I mean by that statement.

Scientific research into the efficacy of health treatments is increasingly driven by the private sector. Profit hungry pharmaceutical companies are averse to funding research into the health benefits of herbal treatments because plants cannot be patented. Therefore they see herbal research investment as too great a risk and would rather invent new drugs that they can patent.

But without this research into herbal treatments there can be no body of scientific evidence. Because of this no-win situation herbal treatments are unlikely to become mainstream any time soon.

Sick dogs and cats will instinctively seek out herbs in the wild to address their own health complaints. Modern living for our pets severely limits the opportunity for this behaviour.

Many minor ailments and common conditions can be treated using herbal remedies. Digestive upsets, worms, fleas and ear mites can all be treated. Herbal remedies can also be used to support pets with more chronic conditions as well as boost the immune systems of healthy animals.

I do not argue that herbal medicine for pets can treat all health conditions. More severe conditions and illnesses need veterinary treatment. Always make sure that you tell your vet about any supplements or herbal treatments that your pet is taking.

Use common sense and strike a balance between when you should use herbal treatments for pets at home and when you should go to the vet. A holistic approach to your pet's well-being will bring health and happiness to your four legged friends.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Herbal Treatment For ADHD - A Real View

Herbal Treatment For ADHD - A Real View
Parents are searching for treatment options for ADHD children. While prescription drugs are readily available more people are looking for ideas about natural treatment of ADHD. Many parents and holistic practitioners are reporting a great deal of success and improvement when using an herbal treatment for ADHD.

There are a number of reasons that using a natural treatment of ADHD is becoming a more popular choice.

o Today parents are becoming proactive in the health care of their children.

o There is also more knowledge and information about alternative treatments being exchanged.

o Parents are learning more about the risks associated with the prescription stimulant drugs. Now they are attempting to avoid many of these prescribed medications by investigating herbal treatment for ADHD alternatives.

The use of stimulants in drugs like Adderall, Ritalin and Concerta has risen more than 500% since the 1990s. Studies are just now coming to the attention of the public that show just how strong an impact these drugs have when used on young children. Children's bodies and brains are undergoing important growth and development and using stimulants can create health problems that may not be evident for years. The choice of a natural treatment of ADHD is the safest and healthiest option.

Another issue that has been raised is that most of the medical community seems far too eager to prescribe drugs to treat the symptoms of ADHD. Parents who raise the question of using alternatives for ADHD have often been snubbed or dismissed. They have even felt pressured into accepting the physician's recommendation to give their child medications. Now natural treatment of ADHD is being publicized and parents are beginning to get encouragement and support in their efforts to find safer options.

When integrated into a holistic treatment plan an herbs can be highly successful. No medication or herb is a "magic formula". Parents must help their ADHD children develop better study habits and behavior.

Many children show less stress when a natural treatment is used, and this makes it easier for them to work on modifying their behaviors and actions. Additionally one of the most important differences between an herbal treatment for ADHD and stimulants is that the herbal ingredients are 100% safe with no side effects.

Brahmi is an herbal treatment for ADHD that has shown some very promising results. This ingredient can improve cognitive function in the brain. Children and adults who have used Brahmi show increased problem solving and learning abilities. This herb also is a powerful anti-oxidant that can fight the damaging effects of free radicals on brain cells.

Another natural treatment of ADHD symptoms that is successful is Gotu Kola. This one herb is helpful because it:

o Improves memory

o Increases the processing ability of the brain

o Reduces Anxiety

o Improves blood circulation to the brain and body
Herbal Treatment For ADHD - A Real View
A more familiar herb used as a natural treatment of ADHD symptoms is Ginkgo. It works to improve the flow of blood to the brain and it also increases a person's ability to focus. The effects of using this herb are often long lasting even if it is used for a brief period.

Ginseng is another safe and natural herbal treatment for ADHD symptoms in children. This herb acts as a brain stimulant and it improves a user's concentratinn, focus and endurance. There are several types of Ginseng and the one known as Panax can help reduce fatigue and stress while boosting the body's natural immunity.

There are many herbs and herbal formulas which are now being offered to parents with ADHD children. An herbal treatment is a safe and healthy alternative to prescription medications. If you plan to try a natural treatment you should remember to incorporate it into your overall treatment plan. Herbs can have a positive impact on your child's performance and behavior at home and school but you need to use it for at least a few weeks. Any herbal treatment for ADHD symptoms will require a little time before you see significant changes and improvement.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Herbal Treatment for Fibromyalgia? What Are the Pros and Cons?

Herbal Treatment for Fibromyalgia? What Are the Pros and Cons?Fibromyalgia syndrome affects about 5 million Americans, most of them women. It affects all ages and socioeconomic groups. With such a large number of people having this illness, there is a real need for effective treatments of this disease and its wide variety of symptoms. Herbal treatment for fibromyalgia is currently gaining in popularity with sufferers. And despite the large volume of research by medical organizations like the Mayo Clinic, the real cause of fibromyalgia has still not been determined. One theory suggests a chemical imbalance in the brain's serotonin levels, which has been shown to be low in fibromyalgia patient studies. Another school of thought under consideration is "hyperactive nerves" due to poor blood circulation in parts of the brain dealing with pain response.

No matter what the cause, the hallmarks of the syndrome are widespread pain, exhaustion, and nine tender points on the body that are especially sensitive to touch. These points, located on the neck, back, buttocks, elbows, thighs and knees, are the primary diagnostic method used by fibromyalgia doctors (with tender points manifesting in the four quadrants of the body, right and left sides, and above and below the waist)... along with the patient having symptoms that present for at least three months or more.

Once diagnosed, this is where herbal treatment for fibromyalgia comes in. Presently there is no cure for fibromyalgia syndrome. However, aside from the standard pharmaceutical treatments, there are herbal treatments for fibromyalgia that can relieve and even eliminate the symptoms. Here are some examples are of herbal treatment for fibromyalgia options:

* St. John'sWort- sleep aid, raises serotonin levels, can ease depression, can help reduce pain, muscle relaxer
* Willowbark - pain-relief without stomach distress or risk of bleeding
* Kava - help with sleep disturbances, insomnia
* Cat's Claw- general symptom improvement with continued use, lessening of pain response over time
* 5-HTP(5-hydroxy-l-tryptophan)- natural SSRI-like anti-depressant, increases the effect of St. John's Wort and tricyclic anti-depressant drugs,
* SAMe(S-adenozylmethionine) - studies have shown this substance relieves pain, muscle weakness, depression, fatigue, muscle stiffness
* Lavender essence- used to massage sore, painful muscles when diluted with jojoba, olive, or sunflower oil; aroma-therapy to calm nerves and relax
* Capsaicin, and Cayenne- fibromyalgia pain relief
* Ginger- compress for pain - improves circulation and increases pain-relieving properties of other herbs
* Mugwort- traditional Chinese medicine technique - burn herb and hold burning end near painful area, move around in spiral pattern for several hours of pain relief ( called Moxibustion)
* Grapeseed Extract- powerful antioxidant (procyanidins) from the seeds of wine grapes, inhibits inflammation and reduces pain
* Ginseng- builds immunity, reduces stress
* Nettle- pain relief, found in whole grains and leafy greens
* Arnica- herbal back pain remedy found in pharmacies
* Boswellia- pain and morning-stiffness
* Pomegranates- antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties

The Pros...

When used properly, herbal treatment for fibromyalgia symptoms can be a safe, effective form of natural treatment and herbal pain relief. The examples above have been used successfully in folk remedies for hundreds of years. Most herbal treatment for fibromyalgia products are readily available in pharmacies, vitamin and nutrition stores, and online. Costs vary depending upon the strength, brand name, and form of herb (capsule, tablet, drops, etc.)... some herbal treatment for fibromyalgia products are relatively inexpensive.

The Cons...

Just like pharmaceutical drugs, herbs have side-effects and can interact with other herbs and medicines. For example, do not use cat's claw if you are diabetic and using insulin or if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not use St. John's Wort if you are using oral contraceptives, or if you are taking warfarin (cumiden), a blood thinner. Be aware that there are currently warnings on Kava products by the FDA. Discuss the use of herbal treatment for fibromyalgia remedies and other herbal cures, with your physician before using them. Become educated about the herbal treatment for fibromyalgia that you are considering and always start with a low dosage to see how the remedy works for you.

Other Considerations...

* Be sure to drink a lot of water... eight glasses per day, to help flush out toxins.
* Accupuncture is another natural treatment, used with some success, for the treatment of fibromyalgia.
* Exercise started slowly and increased to 20-30 minutes a day over time, can be beneficial to fibromyalgia sufferers.
* A heart-healthy diet is a good lifestyle choice, avoiding alcohol, sugar, caffeine and allergens.
* Rebuild your body from the inside out with a safe, natural nutritional supplement... recognized as an effective treatment by the AMA and CDC for autoimmune diseases like fibromyalgia by replacing damaged cells with healthy new ones.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Different Herbal Treatments for Eczema

The Different Herbal Treatments for Eczema
Irritation of the skin in the form of itching and inflammation are the most common symptoms of eczema, though this varies from person to person. While many habits and factors are known to exacerbate the problem, the root or primary cause for eczema is still unknown. Adults and children suffer from eczema, though children are often more susceptible. Apart from itching and swelling, the presence of dry and cracked also indicates eczema. Common areas where children are likely to develop eczema are in the creases of skin that covers the elbow and knee joints.

Herbal treatment for eczema are popularly tried to cure the condition. Although there are several types of cures and treatments for the condition, many attempt herbal treatments for eczema, especially in milder and less persistent cases.

Herbal Treatment for Eczema: The Various Methods

There are many ways to tackle eczema when it does surface. Apart from the more obvious medical and surgical options that exist, herbal treatment of eczema is growing in popularity. The approach in this instance is the use of completely natural remedies to help in curing eczema. This type of treatment includes the regular use of organic or herbal creams on the affected area, coupled with hypoallergenic moisturizers to hydrate the skin and keep it well balanced.

The Different Herbal Treatments for EczemaRegular application of emu oil or tea tree oil on the affected skin is another herbal treatment for eczema, and can ease swelling with repeated applications through the day. The itchy and dry skin that characterizes eczema is soothed and brought under control when these oils are applied. But it cannot be claimed that they relieve the problem. They do, however, ease its symptoms. Another herbal treatment of eczema is the use of evening primrose oil. The high levels of omega 6 essential fatty acids in the oil is useful in reducing inflammation and prevents the skin from drying up. The oil needs to consumed as a capsule or in liquid form, and is considered a very effective herbal treatment for eczema.

The property of Neem as a blood purifier makes it another herbal treatment for eczema. It is also found to be helpful in relieving dryness and inflammation of skin. Neem is a tree that is found in tropical regions and is commonly present in India. It can be consumed as a capsule. It can also be directly applied to the skin and can soothe irritated skin. Virgin coconut oil, when applied on the affected area also acts as a palliative and immediately relieves itching and dryness.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Herbs That Cure Hair Loss - Herbal Treatments

The Herbs That Cure Hair Loss - Herbal Treatments

There is no permanent treatment to prevent hair loss. However there are certain treatments which can avoid hair fall in a large quantity. The best treatment for hair loss is the herbal treatment. This herbal treatment helps to stimulate the growth of the hair. It also avoids infection to the scalp. Zulvera herbal shampoo is one of the best shampoo used to avoid hair loss.

Different herbal Treatments

There are different types of herbal treatment for hair loss. Many countries like India, China and Japan uses the herbal treatment for the benefit of those who come for treatment. However now, the western world has also turned to herbal treatment. The following are some of the treatments to avoid heavy hair loss. No sooner when a person feels that he is the victim of hair loss, the cause for the hair loss is to be diagnosed at the initial stage. If the patient feels that the hair loss is due to body heat the patient should try to reduce the diet, the eating habits or the act which heats up the body. The victim of the hair loss should always try to use natural herbal based shampoos which do not contain any chemicals. In such case Zulvera herbal shampoo is considered as the one of the best shampoo. Regular use of oil massage to the scalp will also help to avoid hair loss. More of green vegetables, milk products, fruits and other cereal also help to avoid loss of hair.

Different herbal therapy treatment

There are many types of herbal therapies which are very useful to strengthen ones hair. Some of the important therapies are given below which are more powerful for the treatment of hair loss.

Aroma therapy

The aroma oil used for the therapy has many ingredients. They are the lavender, bay oils, almond oil, soybean oil and the sesame oil. These oils are mixed to gather and used for massaging the scalp. The oil should be allowed to stay in the scalp for more than thirty minutes. By this type of treatment the scalp gets stimulated.

Nettle extract of the root

Since nettle is rich in Vitamin A& Vitamin C, they are more beneficial than any other form of treatment for strengthening the hair. Most of the people in European countries and the western world are using this type of therapy for treatment of hair loss.

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